Questions and Answers about "Automation Secrets"

Marlon, what is the main purpose of How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business?

It's a slam dunk education in automating all faucets of your web business. It's a real eye opener for many people.

It walks you through my step-by-step system. You will see now that many people have copied my information in their products. That's the truth.

I was the first person to unleash this kind of step-by-step system on the Net. It came as a direct result of my frustration trying to finding out how to run my business without a large staff.

It took me tons of research to assemble this system. It took a lot of hit and miss efforts in my initial days of marketing.

The main thing is this product is not about "learning something new."

It's about sharing with you common sense, my own personal experience, brainstorming and that sort of thing. Of course, you will discover new resources.

But the most important thing is you get a SYSTEM. And I've cut out the learning curve and made things SIMPLE so you don't get bogged down in the technology.

These are simple things that will make an immediate impact in your business.

Is it really possible to automate a web business?

It's something I have done personally, my friends have done and people I know in the business.

So the answer is "yes it can be done." Of course, any business requires hands-on effort. I have a full-time customer service person. I teach you how to hire and use virtual assistants.

I do my absolute best to give you a practical workable system. And it's something that I personally have use.

What is the main benefit of How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business?

The product is all about action. I have a lot of step-by-step tutorials to save you the learning curve in using a new technology. If you want to learn marketing strategy, buy The Amazing Formula. But if all you want is to take immediate action and automate many key processes of your business, get Automate.

Now, The Amazing Formula applies to all types of products and services. The thing about Automate is, it teaches how to automate order taking, customer service, the running of your business. So many things.

How does How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business differ from The Web Business Operations Manual?

While the two products have a slight similarity in title, that's where the similarity ends.

How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business is about automating things. The Web Business Operations Manual is about the nuts and bolts of operating your business. Mostly it's about customer service and support issues. It's a fantastic training manual for a customer service person.

How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business gives you practical nuts 'n bolts stuff from my experience. Not necessarily new or astounding. Just down-to-earth, practical.

My products are an extension of my experience. Most people can't afford my $1,000 an hour consulting fee. That's why I sell information products.

What separates your Web Business Automation System from the other how to products on the market?

I'm friends with many if not most of the other online marketers who train people. So I would never criticize their products. In fact, many of them are very good. I endorse some of them.

However, I was first in the marketplace with these systems. Others have copied them. Not my friends. But other people. I always feel it's better to get information straight from the horse's mouth.

And having said that, you'll find I'm still the only person teaching a number of the methods in the product.

I noticed you say you sell other products. Why isn't everything in How to Create The Ultimate Automated Web Business?

When you go to school, why isn't everything in one course? It's the same answer.

The Amazing Formula is my intro product. Everything else builds on it like Gimme My Money Now, How to Create Your Own Products In a Flash, How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy and so forth.

How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business focuses only on automating your business.

Do you provide free consulting if I buy your product?

No, my consulting fee is $1,000 per hour. The reason I create information products is to make my advice more accessible for those who can't afford the consulting.

How much do I make on the reseller program?

The cool thing about the product is you can sell it for 50% profit. You can do that even if you don't buy it. Send an email to for details.

Anyway, you not only make 50% on How to Create The Ultimate, Automated Web Business, you make 50% on our upsells, downsells, other products, 404 errors and other things. We do the follow up for you.

We have the most extensive reseller tools in the business.