"With Auto Pilot Secrets, you'll be automating things you never dreamed possible!"

- Marlon Sanders

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If you really wanna learn the inside secrets of automating things you never dreamed of, then you better read this entire letter:

How To Put Your Business On Auto-Pilot So You Can Spend Your Time Doing
The Things You Really Want

Dear Internet Friend,

Listen up:

With the help of my latest methods, you can put things you never dreamed of on autopilot.  You can slash drastically the time it takes to do certain tasks.  You can flat out put some things on remote control robot status so they take care of themselves.

You can't automate everything in business.

No way.

But you might be absolutely floored at some of the ways you CAN automate things, or slash time by huge chunks, or simply take the drudgery, repetition or frustration out of tasks.

I'm bearing and sharing all my latest autopilot, automation secrets in the new, revised version of "Automation Secrets."

19 sizzling new techniques added.  The old ones updated where needed.  This is THE state-of-the-art "how-to-automate" training on the Net. I've put my best, newest tools into it you won't find anywhere else unless and until they swipe'em from my product.

Here are the 44 solutions and tools total that I developed in my OWN BUSINESS to help me (and my staff) maintain sanity. And listen up, you do NOT have to be a rocket scientist to use them.

Heck, I hardly even qualify as a computer nerd.  I'm a writer and a marketer.  But the methods in my latest step-by-step, no-holds-barred training course will really plug you and turn you on to the latest time-saving, money-making, hair-saving, frustration avoiding, gotta have them, can't live without them tools.

If you're in the Internet business or want to be and you're trying to do it without these tools, you're out of your mind.

Lately I've seen a lot of competitors copy my theme.  They are all singing the tune of automation, automation, automation.  They've jumped on the bandwagon.

First of all, it's NOT about automation. It's about auto-piloting so you can get on to your next money gig, whatever that may be, whether you have a new product to create, opportunity to promote -- or whatever.

So the deal is, if you CAN autopilot it, we WANT to autopilot it.


End of story.

Anything else is dumb. Stupid. And a waste of your moneymaking time.

I'm the only one who teaches these tools. So if you're smart, you'll cut to the chase, scroll down to the order form and just give it up and fill out the thing.  Get it over with and before you know it, you're shiny little CD packed full of money-saving, money-making, frustration-killing auto-pilot, automation secrets, tips, resources, strategies and methods will land in your happy little mailbox.

I've gone to Hades and back hunting some of these things down.

My staff and I have examined hundreds of programs and web sites looking, searching for the best, cream of the crop stuff.  We don't want to spend one lousy minute doing something manually that we don't need to.

And if you've got half a brain and I know you do or you wouldn't be reading this, you don't either.  So give it up and order it now!  Time is money. Money is time.

You have products to sell.  Money to make. New opportunities.  Man, have you EVER seen so many opportunities as we have today on the Internet?  Things are popping right and left.

There's so much money on the table. So many opportunities.  So much money to be made.  To suck it all up, you need every second and every minute you can get your hands on.

Plus, face it.

You need to time to play.

All work and no play makes Jack a lonely old man.  And Jill a bitter old maid.  Don't let that be you!

I've seen the products.  Looked at them.  Ain't nothin' like what I teach. They talk about automating just the order-taking process, digital delivery and autoresponders.  There is more.

How much more?

A lot more.

But you'll never know that unless you get your greedy little hands on a copy of the original Web Business, Web Site, E-Business Automation training that has already stood the test of time.

And now it's 19 times better.

Because I've packed it to the rim with 19 new tools.

Absolutely nobody has THESE 44 tools:

The Introduction

Step 1: Web hosting makes or breaks you

Step 2: Saving money on your merchant account

Step 3: Secrets of automated credit card processing

Step 4: Automatically make 25% more money

Step 5: Automate your Affiliate Program Systems

Step 6: Automate Your Instant Cash System and Referral Machine

Step 7: Automate your customer service

Step 8: Automate your email management

Step 9: Automate your database program

Step 10: Secrets of automated and personalized emails

Step 11: Automating your Traffic Statistics

Step 12: Automate Your Accounting

Step 13: Automate All Important Computer Procedures

Step 14: Save A Zillion Keystrokes

Step 15: Automatic Anti-Virus protection

Step 16: Automatic Transferring of Files

Step 17: Finding virtual workers to do it for you

Step 18: Automate your paper tracing

Step 19: Turn your phone system into an automated secretary

Step 20: Monitor your competition, auction bids, forum postings, and more

Step 21: Scour the web for information with laser-precision accuracy

Step 22: Automate your search engine positioning

Step 23: Create your own custom morning e-paper with scrolling headlines from web sites, online forums, magazines and newspapers of your choice -- all updated in real time

Step 24: Share files instantly online, hook up in an online conference with audio, video and a whiteboard, talk around the world for free -- and more

Step 25: Ultimate Automation! At last a complete system that puts your business on Auto-Pilot

Step 26: Use the PPC money machine

Step 27: Automate your memory of anything and everything

Step 28: Assign projects to your staff and track them

Step 29: Download web sites in an instant

Step 30: Have the most useful marketing links on your start page

Step 31: Get all that unnecessary stuff off your hard drive automatically

Step 32: Bang out your sales letters in a flash

Step 33: Search twice as fast

Step 34: Find JV partners in a glance

Step 35: Wash out that spam and save time

Step 36: Automate your testimonials acquisition

Step 37: Decrease and prevent refunds

Step 38: Distribute leads automatically to sales people

Step 39: Automate a "real" sales force

Step 40: How I use Alexa to do find alternative vendors

Step 41: Pay your resellers instantly -- without writing checks

Step 42: Have checks deposited into your bank account automatically

Step 43: How to send faxes with a few clicks

Step 44: Get a daily report on your advertising results sent automatically

Step 45: The Conclusion

"Well Marlon. Why do I need to automate?  My time isn't worth nothin'. I just love wasting it on stuff I could've done in a few clicks but instead I'm takin' a hundred.  I'm a rocket scientist 'cause I'm savin' the price of your product and don't care 'cause my time is worth nothin'.  So what do I need to save it for?  Plus, I'm perty dumb.  I dunno if'n I can learn all them fancy techniques of yours!"

I'm joking. See I KNOW you don't think like that.  You and I both know every minute of your day is valuable.  And we both know you wouldn't be reading this letter on the computer if you were dumber than a stick.

So do you wanna automate?

Or do you wanna waste time?  Every minute you waste is a minute that's costing you a LOT in terms of opportunity cost as well as profit.

I automate all kinds of things.  For example, I probably have more testimonials on my web site than anyone you've ever seen.  I gather them automatically.

I have systems built in that get people to refer their friends to my site.  This is NOT just a "refer your friends" link on my site.  This is a specific psychological strategy employed with exact timing...

My systems make my marketing make more money, they improve customer service and decrease the cost of it, they cut all kinds of other costs to the bone, they allow me to compete with much larger companies, they free up my time so I'm not a slave to my business.

You walk in the office in the morning...

Your computer has been hard at work overnight. Your anti-virus program has been updated with the latest release. Your database has been updated. Follow up emails have gone out to customers. Your system backed up its files to an external hard drive.

And in your email program's in box, you have a summary of your web site's traffic from the day before WITH:

(1) The revenue generated by each of your pages and each of your referral sources and associate resellers,

(2) An extremely accurate readout of the true unique visitors to your web site as well as return visitors

(3) Revenue generated by your classified and banner ads

(4) Your morning e-paper, which consists of a summary of new content from your own favorite sites and online forums. And, of course, your favorite newspapers and magazines. All summarized conveniently for you while you sip your morning coffee.

(5) You have a summary of orders placed overnight while you were sleeping. The credit cards have already been charged, and the products are being shipped to the customer, even as you perk your morning coffee.

As you savor another sip, you're alerted that a customer on your web site has a problem ordering and needs immediate assistance. Your virtual assistant in another state is immediately chatting back and forth with the customer using an instant messaging system.

Wait! What's that? A beep on your computer notifies you that a competitor has just placed a post in an online forum. You immediately send an ICQ to another virtual assistant and ask them to follow up the post with your own.

Fifteen minutes later, you're notified that you have only 15 minutes left to enter a bid on Ebay, and you're told that your stock has just hit 50 -- time to take profits or protect losses!

Time to check email. Cool, you just received a new testimonial from a customer. You receive at least 3 or 4 new ones every day -- automatically.

Beep. Beep. A screen pops up and asks you if you want to join a conference call hosted by a friend. You click a button and are on a live video conference call with your business friend. You're talking on a headset over the Internet, so there's no charge. As you draw out your brainstorms on the virtual chalkboard, your friend sees it at the very moment you draw it. You send programs, html files and other data back and forth at lightning speed. It's all free...even if your friend is in the U.S., U.K. Australia or other country.

Your computer beeps again. Your competitor has just made a change to the text on their home page. Let's go check it out...

You need to call your friend Marlon in Dallas, TX to brag about how great your sales are. You pop up a little screen, type the phone number and poof! You're talking to the other person from computer to telephone. No problem.

And that's just the beginning . . .

This product is about one thing and one thing only.

Automating your e-business and freeing up your time to concentrate on other important things. It isn't a cure-all. Any business requires your personal time and attention.

Let me ask you a question . . .

Does your web business run itself or does it run YOU?

If you're tired of being run ragged by your web business, then listen up. Now, renowned Internet marketer Marlon Sanders will show exactly how you can automate virtually every aspect of your web business.

Every single bullet, method and technique
 below is covered on the latest CD version

New customer names import into your database automatically (while you sleep)

Customer service follow up letters go out automatically

You punch two keys and a follow up letter automatically pastes into your email program, ready for sending.

Type the email address of any of your friends just by typing a period and their name. No need to remember their email address.

Obtain testimonials automatically from your satisfied customers

The referral generation machine. This system just churns out referral after referral -- and you don't do anything.

Retrieve any piece of paper or documents related to your business in 5 seconds

Customers and prospects sign up to sell your products for you -- all automatically

Checks go out to your resellers each month -- automatically

Your credit card orders are processed -- automatically

You receive an important message from your CPA. It's highlighted in red (automatically) to draw your attention to it.

The day after your customers buy, they begin receiving a sequence of follow-up emails that go out -- all automatically. You do nothing!

You turn on your computer first thing in the morning. In your email box is a message with a complete detailed analysis of your web traffic from the day before.

Eighty three percent of the time, you increase the size of your customer's order by 25% -- automatically.

Your customer fills out a form with their checking information. In a couple of days you receive a check in the mail ready for deposit. You do nothing except deposit the money. The cost? Practically nothing.

And this is just the beginning. In a moment, I'll go into greater detail. But first, here are a few reasons to believe what I say.

Here are five good reasons
to believe what I say

One: I'm NOT going to promise you can make $50,000 a year or a month or $2,000 a day. That's total hype. I'm going to show you exactly and precisely how I automate all possible aspects of my web business. What you do with that is up to you.

Two: Several thousand people have paid $3,000 to hear me speak at one-day seminars. Listen, people don't pay 3 grand to hear a bunch of crap. Think about it. You better have honest, viable, hard-hitting information, or you're going to have a mutiny on your hands (and mega refunds) in a flash.

Last year I spoke at pricey seminars in London, England and Bermuda. I recently also spoke in Las Vegas. Believe me, you don't get invited to events like these without credibility.

Three: The reseller program for one of my products was ranked in the top 10 for the last five years.

Four: By the way, our office number is 888-204-6141.

Five: You can read what people say about my other products on Internet marketing. (I've included a few testimonials in the red sidebar for you to read.) I have over 100 pages of real testimonials posted online from real, live people who actually exist. These are NOT made up. I guarantee you I'll soon have a large number of testimonials like these for this product also.

Here's How I'm Going To Help You Sell More Products By
Automating Web Business To The N'th Degree

OK. Let's get down to the good stuff.

You either have a web business or you're thinking about promoting your products on the web. In either case, you want to automate as much as possible and work as little as possible, right?

I understand.

I operate a very high profile and successful web business from the privacy of my townhouse. I HAD to automate because I just don't have room for employees to go trouncing around my home all the time. Many of my competitors literally have 5, 10 or up to 30 employees. The only way to compete is to automate.


At night while you sleep, your computer launches your database program. Then it waits 20 seconds for your program to open up. Then it runs a sequence to import the customers from the day before into your database. Finally, it closes out your database program, and it all looks the same when you turn on your box in the morning.

At night while you sleep, your computer launches darned near any other program you have and performs any task you need performed on a repeat basis. I found the ultimate software program for this. I've never seen anything else like it. I tried other programs but couldn't get any of them to work. They were too complicated to use. This one is literally drag and drop.

You have a customer with a problem. You send them an email about it. However, you want to follow up in a day or two to make sure their problem is resolved. How do you do it? You could put their name in a contact manager. But wouldn't it be simpler to follow this 3 second procedure to have the message all queued up and ready to go out in a day or two -- automatically?

You have a follow up email you want to send to your customer. You could search around in your mail program for the message you want to send them. But what if you could just type .f, hit the spacebar and the follow up letter would automatically be pasted into your program? You just assign different letters a one word title. You type a . and the assigned word and the letter is automatically pasted into your email program.

Note: Some "macro" programs use actions such as control, alt and f1 or other extremely difficult combinations. This isn't practical in my experience. The way I do it, you assign real names that are easy to remember. You always add a . before the word. That way, you won't accidentally trigger it. Plus, you hit the spacebar afterwards. So it's .XXXX and the spacebar.

It works like magic!

Type the email address of any of your friends just by typing a period and their name. No need to remember their email address. .Bill types out the email address of Bill. Or, if you prefer, .Bill will instantly print Bill's name, address, phone and email address. Or any other information you want it to access.

Tired of filling out forms? I used to type "Best wishes, Marlon Sanders, Higherresponse.com a million times a day. Now I just type .w and it happens automatically. .social types out my social security number. .address types out my address -- and so forth.

Obtain testimonials automatically from your satisfied customers. I have a magic system that gets me truckloads of testimonials -- automatically. Here's the proof. One of my other products has over 100 pages of testimonials. Click here to see them. I reveal my trade secret method. Testimonials are extremely important to your web business because they generate irrefutable evidence of your credibility.

How to prevent and/or decrease refunds -- automatically. Face it, refunds are time-consuming and a hassle. They cost you money. But I discovered a simple trick that greatly reduces refunds. Plus, it actually increases the likelihood of a repeat purchase. No one else I know teaches this method. It's a trade secret.

The referral generation machine. Your customers refer people to your business -- automatically! Everyone knows that referrals are great business. And yes, you can send an email that requests referrals. But if you REALLY want to get referrals, that isn't nearly enough. I have a simple little 3-step automated system that works like crazy.

Retrieve any piece of paper or documents related to your business in 5 seconds! Searching for lost papers is enormously costly and time consuming. How would you like to retrieve any document or piece of paper related to your business in only 5 seconds. This is the only system I've seen like it, and it's virtually foolproof. This program saved my office from being buried in a sea of paper. It's a Godsend.

Customers and prospects sign up to become resellers for your products -- all automatically. Then, your new resellers receive a series of training messages (you write) at any interval you specify. Affiliate (also called associate) programs are the rage right now. If you want to see your hit counter spin like a fan, you need an associate program. I'll plug you into my #A1 resource that automates virtually all aspects of your associate program. It even outputs the financials in Quickbooks format for easy accounting. This whole entire system practically runs by itself.

Checks go out to your resellers each month -- without having to be manually cut. I used to run the checks myself. What a time-consuming, energy-sucking hassle. Some companies charge 15% to basically cut checks for you. I'll show you how I get it done automatically for a fraction of the cost. It's amazing how much money a dash of automation and common sense can save you!

Your credit card orders are processed -- automatically. Use the wrong real-time processor and your life will be miserable. I'll reveal the vendor I use and why.

Your customer fills out a form with their checking information. In a couple of days you receive a deposit to your bank account. You do nothing. It's all automatic. Plus, it's integrated with your associate program, so your associates will get credit for the sale. You can even have check payment guaranteed, so you don't lose if the checks bounce.

You receive an important message from your CPA. It's highlighted in red (automatically) to draw your attention to it. You can color code any incoming messages you want. Never overlook important emails again.

Simplify your email box by color coding your messages. If you need to follow up on message, just one click turns it red for high priority. Or you can turn it blue (or a variety of other colors) for lower priority follow up.

Just click several buttons and poof! A brief note is faxed to all your customers and/or resellers.

The day after your customers buy, they begin receiving a sequence of follow-up emails that go out -- all automatically. You do nothing! I reveal the exact strategic sequence I use. You just adapt my strategic sequence to your business. All the psychology is fully revealed. Plus, I tell you how to make it happen automatically.

You turn on your computer first thing in the morning. In your email box is a message with a complete detailed analysis of your web traffic from the day before. This is just one example. You can fully automate virtually any task you run on your PC as easy as dragging and dropping commands. It's very simple.

The order form bonus money machine! Reclaim the instant cash bonus hidden in your order form. Eighty three percent of the time, you increase the size of your customer's order by 25% -- automatically. It's so simple you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it all along.

The email survey system that obtains up to 40% response. This system is amazing. It automatically compiles responses and prints out a pie chart that is updated real time so that people who take the survey can see the results, including their votes! If you aren't taking surveys of your customers and prospects, you're totally missing out. At last, you can automate this crucial procedure.

The secrets of virtual help. How I hire virtual workers who write programs for me, answer emails, write html and do other crucial tasks -- all from other states and/or countries. Who needs employees when you can hire skilled virtual workers.

How to find potential joint venture partners day-in and day-out with only a glance.

How to never again have to type in www.google.com

Secrets, methods and resources my competitors DON'T know unless they have bought this CD.

This product is groundbreaking. No one has ever produced anything like it. I'm going to walk you through the different programs and resources step-by-step. Competitors will create their own low-priced knockoffs.

But the difference is that I'm on the firing line. These are the resources I actually use in my business. A lot of people research a product and say "here are 5 programs you can check out that might work." "Here's a resource that might be good."

Then you have to spend your valuable time trying out all the resources to find out which ones are good and which ones don't work as promised. That can be a very time-consuming and sometimes costly process.

I use most all the methods in this product on a daily and weekly basis. A few are brand new. Those I have personally field-tested to make absolutely certain they work. For every program I advocate, I've probably tested 10 or 20 that don't work. That's a lot of downloading and experimentation I'm going to save you.

For example, when I talk about real time credit card processing, I don't just say, "here are 3 sources that *might* work for you." I say, "Here's the processor I use", and why.

The other distinctive feature of this product is the use of step-by-step tutorials. Some of my competitors have alluded to a few of the resources in this product. But they haven't shown you specifically and exactly HOW to use the resource. I give you screen captures from the programs so you can see what to do, and how to do it.

That saves you countless hours in trying to figure out how to use programs from scratch.

Here's the amazing table of contents:

Yes, These Methods Apply To Your Business!

I get calls all the time. "Marlon, my business is different. Will your methods work for my business?" The answer is virtually always the same. "YES!" Honestly, you don't need to call and ask me this question. I designed the system to work for an extremely broad variety of businesses, including yours.

How And Why You Can Put Your
Business On Autopilot

First, let me make something clear. Virtually no business runs 100% on autopilot all the time. You and I both know that. I'm NOT claiming that in any way. You always have to be involved in your business to some extent.  However, it's absolutely amazing how many aspects of your business you can put on autopilot.

Your credit cards can be automatically processed. Your customer service rep or fulfillment company can receive an email or fax notifying them of an order -- automatically. Your follow up emails to customers and associates can all go out automatically. People can sign up to sell your products for you on a commission basis -- all automatically. It's just amazing what automation can and will do for you.

Now, I know one question you may have is how much all this automation will cost you. And the answer is, not as much as you'd think. Where possible, I give free and/or low cost alternatives to products that are a tad pricey.

But make no mistake, if you can't afford to shell out $30 bucks here for a program or $100 or $200 there, you aren't going to be able to use ALL the methods in my manual. But you will still be able to use a LOT of them.

I'll tell you this though: Automating key aspects of my business has saved me a fortune and some would say made me a small fortune. The time and energy savings are absolutely enormous. No question about it. It's 10,000% worth it.

The other question is, how easy or hard is it to learn this stuff? And that's the good news. I actually make it very easy with screen captures that visually show you what to do.

Why this product won't actually 
cost you a dime

What you get is my CD in the mail with all this information on it.  This is NOT software.  This is a training program that gives you many secrets and tells you about a number of different software programs I use to automate my business.

Our product at automateyourwebsite.com IS software.  It has credit card processing, autoresponders and so forth.  But Automation Secrets goes way beyond any single software program.  It's many, many ways to automate all kinds of aspects of your business.

You get my complete system on CD, all my secrets for only $147.00 $134.95. (plus $7.95 S&H)

The question is, is it worth $147.00 $134.95 and a few bucks for shipping to know how to create automate your web business?  

You can easily waste 5 or 10 times that much money buying courses and products that beat around the bush and never give you a specific system you can sink your teeth into.

You can easily waste that much money just trying out one or two automation methods that don't work.

You can easily waste that much money buying software you don't need.  Just one or two programs will cost you two spots easily.

You can easily waste that much money by spending too much money to get a merchant account.

You can easily waste that much money getting a shopping cart that won't do what you need it to.

You can easily lose out on 10, 20 or 30 times that much money by screwing around with marketing and automation methods that simply don't work.

But most importantly, you can recoup your $147.00 $134.95 two ways:

1.  All you need to do is sell a few extra of your products using my system to get your money back.  If you don't do that, I'll be shocked.

2. You can sell two copies through my associate program and get your money back because I pay out a 50% commission. I'm not saying you'll get rich by reselling my product.  But I do send out thousands of dollars in commissions each month.  And if you just sell a couple, the product pays for itself.

Is it worth the price?

I realize that's cheap enough for some of you that you wonder if it's really as good as I say it is. And for others, you wonder how I could have the guts to charge that much. 

Well, I'll tell you right now. No one else teaches this information anywhere. I'm revealing my own personal trade secrets here. A trade secret is something unique to my business and method of operation.

For example, apparently no one else is using the testimonial method I use because at this writing, I'm the only guy with over 100 pages of testimonials published on my web site. And actually, I have another 50-100 pages I just haven't bothered to publish. That is a huge result. It's literally a testimonial generating machine.

The little 25% instant profit boost trick has made a friend of mine something like $30,000 in six months. It has made me a lot of money too. And even my friends in the business don't know that statistics on it. Oh, they know you "should" do it. But their jaw drops when they find out how much extra money it actually makes. 

My experience shows that it grabs you an extra 25% profit 80% of the time, with no cost.

This one method alone could pay for your course.

While this is a new product and I don't have hard core stats to back that up, when you read the product, you can try it out immediately and prove it to yourself.

I have my referral generation machine that almost no one is using. This is another of my prized trade secrets.

Listen up: A close friend of mine said I should sell this for $2,300 and call it Marlon's trade secrets and make you sign a 3-page affidavit of secrecy before you were allowed to order it. He said, "Marlon, there are certain things that should be kept under the table. That you just shouldn't tell people. They are your trade secrets that you only pass on to your closest friends."

He's probably right. But I've decided to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag for a price I feel is fair but still cheap. That price is $134.95..

(NOTE: There is a charge of $9.95 USD for shipping and handling to all US or International customers).

It's easy to order my product. Just click the link below and your brand new CD will be on it's way to you.




If you're in another country and do not have a credit card, then you can order by bank draft. Just write the words "Automation Secrets" on a piece of paper and mail it to the address below. Please put the name or ID # of the person who referred you on a note with your bank draft. And include your email address, so I can email you the access instructions.

Make your bank draft out to: Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

Higher Response Marketing, Inc.
11844 Bandera Road #469
Helotes, TX  78023

Marlon Sanders

CEO - Higher Response Marketing, Inc.



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